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Real-time mobile access has reshaped our daily lives. Everybody – at home as well as in offices, production facilities, hospitals, schools, etc. – expects to access cloud-based applications and resources from anywhere, using any device. Therefore, IT network availability is crucial and may even determine whether a business has success or fails.

With Huawei’s newly launched intent-driven CloudCampus Solution, companies can connect everything across multi-branches and unlock the potential of a truly digital world. CloudCampus is an intelligent, simplified, and secure cloud platform providing ultra-broadband as a service for enterprises of all sizes. The cloud platform gives users a seamless work experience, real-time insight, and automates O&M. This reduces OPEX by 80%. Read Marcus Romfors blog post if you want to learn more about the business opportunities of CloudCampus.

The key component of CloudCampus

Huawei CloudCampus Solution provides all layer, all service, and all scenario openness capabilities, helping MSPs, VAS partners, and customers to achieve system interconnection, service convergence, and value mining from data. The key component is the Agile Controller, a network management and control brain, which automates the provisioning and rollout of intent-driven campus networks and enables the fast deployment and flexible adjustment of service policies. Thus, the Agile Controller connects the terminals with the network, the platform and the applications while at the same time handling security, risk management and governance.

Built on openness and smartness

Open APIs allow different systems to communicate with each other. The open APIs provided by Huawei CloudCampus Solution allows third-party developers to easily use the functions offered by the APIs.

Network O&M may easily be handled by using the existing MSP network management platform or by interconnecting with a third-party management and monitoring platform to monitor network-wide devices, including devices managed by Huawei Agile Controller-Campus.

Smart IoT enables partners to use Huawei network infrastructure to implement coverage of IoT signals (ZigBee, BLE, and RFID) without the need to deploy a second IoT network, thereby reducing capital expenditure (CAPEX) for customers. This solution is applicable to electronic shelf labelling (ESL), IoT based location, energy efficiency management, and asset management.

Cooperation modes for partners

Huawei CloudCampus offers two cooperation modes for partners:

1) Through a partner’s SaaS platform
2) Through an MSP or tenant network deploying service servers of a partner

The openness capabilities of Agile Controller Campus or cloud-managed devices are fully leveraged to offer upper layer, value-added applications.

Typical Scenarios

Huawei CloudCampus Solution provides flexible and open cooperation modes to adapt to different scenarios. This section describes five key scenarios and provides typical open cooperation architectures for each scenario.

Scenario 1: authentication and authorization

Third-party authentication and authorization platforms can work with Huawei’s Agile Controller-Campus to perform network access authentication and accounting for terminals connected to Agile Controller-Campus.

Scenario 2: location-based service (LBS)

Third-party LBS platforms (such as customer flow analysis, location-based Wi-Fi marketing, and location navigation platforms) can implement location operations on terminals that are detected by and associated with Agile Controller-Campus.

Scenario 3: customer profile

Third-party big data analytics platforms analyze the location and status information of terminals that are detected and managed by Agile Controller-Campus. In this way, customer profiles in an area can be obtained, through which network builders can accurately push information.

Scenario 4: network O&M

Third-party network management platforms (including those owned by MSPs or mainstream network management and monitoring platforms) can manage or monitor devices managed by Agile Controller-Campus.

Scenario 5: smart IoT

By installing IoT cards on the open IoT slots of the APs, third parties can translate APs into IoT base stations to implement functions such as energy efficiency management, asset management, IoT locating, and electronic shelf label (ESL).

Hawre Stark, Technical Sales Engineer

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