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New sharp products from Huawei

New sharp products from Huawei

Huawei Wi-Fi 6 Solution, the market's first comprehensive network solution for Wi-Fi 6, has now become even sharper, with the introduction of the AirEngine new range of access points, providing double signal strength and greater range than other comparable products. At the same time, Huawei is adding new models of routers, network switches and gateways/firewalls with even stronger Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, for both data centres and campus networks, to its Wi-Fi 6 Solution.

The common denominator for all products is Huawei's Solar chipsets, with innovative cell switching technology for highest simultaneous user capacity and network transmission speed. Central to performance are also the OFDMA and MU-MIMO concepts, as well as advanced technologies such as Smart antennas, Triple radio, Smart radio technology, Intelligent radio calibration, Dual-5G design, Dynamic frequency selection and Dynamic channel assignment.

The transition to Wi-Fi 6 is all about meeting the demands of modern wireless Wi-Fi networks, both open and closed, now that 5G is just around the corner and more simultaneous users start working in parallel with new technologies such as HD video conferencing and other collaboration tools, VR and the upcoming IoT. With Huawei Wi-Fi 6 Solution the transmission rate is four times higher (up to 10 Gbit/s!) compared to today's Wi-Fi 5, and network overload/latency will effectively be a thing of the past.

New network products from Huawei:

NCE Network Automation Platform: Network Management, Control, and Analysis Software: Management–Control–Analysis Convergence: iMaster NCE-Campus, iMaster NCE-Fabric, iMaster NCE-WAN, iMaster NCE-IP Lite. Network Analysis: iMaster NCE-Campusinsight, iMaster NCE-Fabricinsight. Multi-domain Network Management: eSight. Security Control and Analysis Software: Security Controller: HiSecEngine Manager (SecoManager). Security Analyzer: HiSec Insight (CIS).

AirEngine WLAN Products: Access points with transmission speeds up to 10.75 Gbps, network coverage over large areas and with highest signal strength. Indoor AP: AirEngine 8760-X1-PRO, 6760 series and 5760-51. Outdoor AP: AirEngine 8760R series and 6760R series. Wall plate AP: AirEngine 5760-22W. Distributed AP: AirEngine 9700-M and 5760-22WD. WLAN AC: AirEngine 9700-M, AC6508.

NetEngine Branch Routers: NetEngine AR6300 series, AR6200 series, AR6100 series, AR6250 series and AR6100 series.

Net Engine Services Routers: NetEngine 8000 X8, 8000 X4, 8000 M14, 8000 M8, 8000 M6, 8000 M1A and 8000 F1A.

CloudEngine Data Center Switches: CloudEngine 16800, 9860-4C-EI, 6881-48T6CQ, 6881E-48S6CQ, 6881-48S6CQ, 6863-48S6CQ and 6820-48S6CQ.

CloudEngine Campus Switches: S12700E, S7700, S6730-H, S6730-S, S5732-H, S5731-H, S5731-S, S5735-S and S5735-L.

HiSecEngine Enterprise Security Products: HiSecEngine 12000, USG6000E and HiSecEngine Anti DDoS1825.

 More about Huawei Wi-Fi 6 Solution:

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