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Globalization and the development of technology have led to a need for us to have access to all information from several different places. This increases the risk of the information being viewed by unauthorized persons, altered or destroyed. Such attacks against the company can result in major financial losses and, perhaps even worse, loss of reputation. This can cause your business to no longer be considered reliable and thus lose customers. It is therefore very important for all companies that customer information, conditions, strategies and other information do not go astray. 
We've put together 5 important (and simple) IT security tips you should follow in your workplace: 

  1. Lock your screen! 
    Always remember to lock the screen on your PC when you leave your workplace. Always. Every time. Regardless. In Windows, the easiest way is to hold down the Windows key while pressing "L". On Mac, there are several ways you can do this, you can find one that suits you here. 
  2. Consider the transparency filter! 
    Be aware of what others can see on your screen and consider viewing filters on your PC screen to make it more difficult for strangers to look over your shoulder. Not all information is intended for everyone. 
  3. Do you have an updated security solution? 
    Make sure you have an up-to-date security solution on your PC. 
  4. Update your software regularly! 
    Installing updates is a preventive measure. This is true for apps, browsers and operating systems. Developers are constantly working to detect and fix bugs and then publish updates. If the update is not installed and the errors are not corrected, you risk that these errors and security holes are exploited by hackers. The easiest thing is to choose automatic updates where possible.  
  5. Be careful with unsafe emails 
    If you receive an email that you are unsure of, delete it! It may appear to be a legitimate email from a colleague asking you to click on an attached link, but if you click on a link or open an attachment, everyone can be shut out from your company's systems or, at worst, your device. 


IT-security culture 
Today, information and communication technology are the mainstay of most companies and for a good reason. A company's information and intellectual property is what provides a competitive advantage, regardless of whether it is process descriptions, design plans, negotiation bases or other private documents with sensitive information. It is therefore very important that you maintain a high standard of information security in your company. If you need more information on how Pedab Security can assist you with IT-security, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Henning Gaalaas

Kirjoittanut: Henning Gaalaas

Henning Gaalaas has been working with security for almost 20 years and has a background as a teacher. He is at his best in interaction with the customer. His passion is making security a catalyst for new business opportunities and to make business leaders see opportunities within security. When not at work, he spends time with his family or out in the woods with a fishing rod in his hand.