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Cloud Based Network Management delivers value for MSPs and customers

Introducing Pedab NaaS, a cloud-based network management solution for wireless campus networks, built with cloud architecture, SDN, AI and Big Data technologies, providing full wireless access, OneGlobal Network and Intelligent O&M.

All network HW is owned by the customer, while O&M is cloud based and delivered as a subscription with the MSP. The platform’s infrastructure is housed with Pedab in Sweden and available on the Nordic market, which means highest levels of safety and security for both MSPs and their customers.

As solution subscribers with their MSP, customers can either leave O&M to the MSP or do it with their own personnel, with direct remote access to the NaaS platform at Pedab site.

 Pedab NaaS offers considerable advantages compared to traditional non-cloud based solutions, for both MSP and their customers:

  • Cloud based network management is a strong industry trend, as the concept facilitates enterprise digitization
  • Pedab NaaS is a Nordic solution aimed at MSPs – infrastructure and data is hosted at Pedab site in Sweden and not in a public cloud
  • High ROI for MSP, based on the Pedab NaaS’s technical design and contract structure
  • Relatively low startup costs for customers, with options to combine/choose between fixed and variable cost models
  • Solution based on Wi-Fi 6 for increased capacity and performance
  • Installation and deployment in days
  • Future-proof solution with great flexibility - prepared for IoT and with support for re-prioritization between IT resources, changing workflows and processes, continuous enterprise and business development, and with open APIs for IT and process integration
  • Highest security with strong firewalls, two-factor authentication login and full compliance with data security directives
  • Managed Service Commitment – quality, operation and service agreed on with SLAs.

Products: Pedab NaaS network layer consists of the customer's physical units, with wireless, ultra-broadband and APIs for a wide variety of devices. Router: NetEngine AR, switches: CloudEngine S series switches, Wi-Fi 6: AirEngine Wi-Fi, firewall: HiSecEngine AI Firewalls.

Pedab NaaS is offered as a subscription on either a monthly, annual or 3-year basis – where the latter provides cost savings of about 30 percent annually. As an introductory campaign, we now offer 3 years of licenses for the price of 2 years!

Please contact us about what Pedab NaaS could mean for your business and your customers’ IT environment!

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